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Even more accurate binary data using AA6 SP3 and new camera.

UX UMA new data using new camera and new software AA6 SP3.


The zero point is Mag 14 the time is 2017-08-27T 23:16:19.5′ / LT for start of image exposure 80sec.  The orange is the check star.  The measurement is done against 3 reference stars from AAVSO.

V Filter (Green) and the setup was Camera Trius H694 and 8inch RC Astrograph from Altair Astro.

This is quite a fast orbital period at 0.19 days.

UXUMA 13 36 40.9 +51 54 49.5 Max12.57 Min14.15 P= 0.19667128 Type=EA/WD+NL

Algol Type EA

Algol (Beta Persei)-type eclipsing systems. Binaries with spherical or slightly ellipsoidal components. It is possible to specify, for their light curves, the moments of the beginning and end of the eclipses. Between eclipses the light remains almost constant or varies insignificantly because of reflection effects, slight ellipsoidality of components, or physical variations. Secondary minima may be absent. An extremely wide range of periods is observed, from 0.2 to >= 10000 days. Light amplitudes are also quite different and may reach several magnitudes.


Systems with white-dwarf components.


Novalike variables, which are insufficiently studied objects resembling novae by the characteristics of their light changes or
by spectral features. This type includes, in addition to variables showing novalike outbursts, objects with no bursts ever
observed; the spectra of novalike variables resemble those of old novae, and small light changes resemble those typical for old
novae at minimum light. However, quite often a detailed investigation makes it possible to reclassify some representatives
of this highly inhomogeneous group of objects into other types.

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