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I am a science geek! Interests Astronomy, Skiing, Philosophy, basically any form of technology including writing automation software for my observatory. I will also share this with others using the same EQMOD/Astroart tool set.



Observation Manager Click to join AA5ObsMgr

Click to join AA5ObsMgr

Claire Meyer – Resource for Astronomy for Kids!

Hi All,

Just added a link to Claire Meyer – Astronomy for Kids resource.  No adverts!


I have put a link in the LINKS page.

One of the nicest tree tunnels in UK

This is Halnaker Tunnel near Chichester.   Really photogenic tree lined tunnel


Halnaker Tunnel

Clear night at Woodland Observatory – 8/10/2018

The sky was clear but a lot of heat rising from the ground.
3 X 300 seconds for R G B with RC Astrograph
Processed with Observation manager 9.12e using Astroart 7 script interface.



Check out the new LINKS for finding reference stars and time adjustments for Einstein, Barycentric and Heliocentric time

This is the link on this site:




Latest Spectra of bright star Phad in Plough

This is an easy one as it is an A0 spectral type.

Type Ao with SA200 grating

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Astroart 6.0 Manager – Automate your observatory V9.12e – freeware.

I have just released the minimal system to automate your observatory.

Just unzip to the desktop and run the link to the planner and manager. (OM912e)

Astroart6.0 Manager V9.12e
There is also a system checker that will validate all your files.

You should create a TEMP folder on your desktop to store your images and planning files.

There are additional tools to create target files and to check they conform with AA6 target lists. If you need those just send me an email.  I also have tools to select galaxies for supernova hunting or to produce target lists of variable stars.

There are individual scripts that you can read with the configuration checker and customise to match your hardware, camera, dome, filters, focuser, mount etc.

Hope you find this useful.  I am happy to provide assistance to customise the system to your hardware, however, Astroart6.0 does most of the hard work for you.  If you can drive all your equipment with AA6 through ASCOM drivers or direct, you will not have a problem.


All the best



Latest measurement of V0470 CAM close binary pair.

You can see the initial readings are at the secondary minima.

This measurement of the primary minima (in BJD) will go into the data set to estimate the changes in the binary pair period.
Strange bright spot at minima??

19th March M51


M51 2X300sec per colour

Just a quick image as I was trying to set up my new SA200.
Without much success!!

Horsehead Nebular – Last night 150 sec X 3 per colour