About Astrojohn

I am a science geek! Interests Astronomy, Skiing, Philosophy, basically any form of technology including writing automation software for my observatory. I will also share this with others using the same EQMOD/Astroart tool set.



Lectures – http://www.astrospeakers.org

I am undertaking some evening, zoom and day lectures:

  • Variable stars, how and why to measure them
  • Cosmology Group – What do we know about the big bang?
  • Big bang -Theory from Observation
  • How do they get those lovely images of deep space?
  • Building the impossible – Urban Observatory Selsey
  • Technical challenges capturing and making measurements in astronomy
  • Time – What is it?  What do we know about it?


Writing technical articles:

  •  How to get really flat flats!
  •  Joined up astronomy – Some of the issues encountered connecting astrophotography equipment together.
  •  Writing a fiction book – don’t hold your breath!! No still not completed 25/05/2023 about 85%

June 2022 PPE production – South Coast 3D printing and Delivery.

Local 3D Printing and Delivery