About Astrojohn

I am a science geek! Interests Astronomy, Skiing, Philosophy, basically any form of technology including writing automation software for my observatory. I will also share this with others using the same EQMOD/Astroart tool set.


KS2-3 Space Teaching Resource. Used in Science week.

KS2-3 Teaching notes Teachers notes on the setup of the planetarium software. (645 downloads)

KS2-3 Second show notes Teachers Notes for the second Planetarium show KS2-3 (715 downloads)

Teachers Notes Teachers Notes KS2 (665 downloads)

Setup Celestia Notes Setup Notes for the KS2 Space resource (813 downloads)

Celestia Software Download [Download not found]

Outer planets script for Celestia Celestia Scripts Outer Planets. (843 downloads)

Inner planets script for Celestia Celestia Scripts KS2 Inner Planets (843 downloads)

Python 3 Pro control of Scripts & Batches for AA7.

This is the tool set for enabling complex script control of AA7. Used in our latest projects.

Soon to be available.. You must have a fully functional Python3 package. ScriptRunnerAA7.zip