About Astrojohn

I am a science geek! Interests Astronomy, Skiing, Philosophy, basically any form of technology including writing automation software for my observatory. I will also share this with others using the same EQMOD/Astroart tool set.

M51 very short exposure clear night

This is one of my favourite galaxies. Just did a quick exposure after doing some adjustments on my telescope.

Take a look at all the space junk astronomers have to avoid!

This is a real time interactive display of most of the recorded junk and satellites! http://www.stuffin.space/

Move around it with your mouse!

Binary System HS0705+6700 Plot

Nice plot of the light curve for HS0705+6700, 2.3hr, post-common envelope eclipsing binary system. Spectroscopy and light curve analysis indicated that the secondary companion was a low mass red dwarf star with mass and radius of 0.13M0 and 0.19R0


Cloud sensor -Pi build

Just completed the design of a cloud sensor to replace the one that died.

The system has a telnet server built into the Pi. This allows remote systems to access the sensors and display the IR sky temperature, barometric pressure and humidity. The IR sensor is quite accurate and has internal calibration.

As you […]

DE Cvn Binary System- Data Needed

Hi everyone. I need time series data on this system. To include mid minima timing in BJD format. I am starting a research project on this star.

Email me if you have any early pre 2009 data.




Source of reference stars where you can check for suitability as reference.

Link to the online version..


New Astroart7.0 -Python automation suite.

We now have all the elements to fully automate time series star measurement and processing. This includes:

JD to BJD conversion

Accurate Minima Detection (Using Kwee van Woerden solution)

Production of all plots and data files for Phase folded plots.

Scripts can be run for specific tasks, like startup, production of calibration frames. The […]

Paper on objects round eclipsing binary stars.

The paper is now on the archive of scientific papers:


Quite a significant amount of new data from our group. Some interesting departures from early expectations. It will clearly take some ongoing research to identify the mechanisms that are producing some of the effects.

Seems to be getting some interest!


Someone asked “Isn’t there an easier way than building an Observatory”

Yes, I did it once while I was building a new observatory. It took me just 3 hours to build!!

Roll off shed design.

Thick marine ply base with 6 castors to help keep it from flexing, cut out for scope pier. Even put in a dehumidifier. Mine was a bit messy as it […]

New light curve for binary NSVS14256825.

New light curve for NSVS14256825 binary.

Standard plot of mag against time. Check plot to look at a check starGetting a bit low (30deg at end) […]