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Countax C300H

The Hydrostatic gearboxes don’t last long in a hilly environment.

Peerless has gone bust!

So what is the answer?   Scrap the mower?  Buy loads of scrap hydraulic parts and weld up your own drive system…….

NO!   Fit an 801 gearbox – brand new at only £395 + vat

All the holes match!!


It Fits, just need a few spacers or washers.  Rob the brake leaver off the hydro box.  Buy a longer belt and make one push rod with a hole in each end.  Done.  Really rugged manual 5 speed and reverse gearbox.



  • Buy the pulley for the 801 including key and circlip.
  • Buy a new belt.
  • Make two wheel spacers from some tube and washers.
  • Make a push rod to operate the gear mechanism – straight bar with a hole in each end.
  • Might need to bend the brake arm a bit to make it reach the new position.
  • Bolt it into the tractor – fit the belt.
  • Fit the gear mechanism and brake arm.
  • Don’t change geer when on the move.  Always put your foot on the brake and this disengages the clutch then change gear.

Thats it..  If in doubt or want a mail order site to buy the bits and gearbox, get in touch..


You can see the brake mechanism..