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I am a science geek! Interests Astronomy, Skiing, Philosophy, basically any form of technology including writing automation software for my observatory. I will also share this with others using the same EQMOD/Astroart tool set.



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Click to join AA5ObsMgr

Interesting Phase plot of my data to date for NSVS 01286630

Needs some more work to validate the -0.4 to -0.1 phase. Are these effects star spots? To date 26-9-2018

NSVS 01286630 Phase plot.

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My First Test spectra using SA200

SA200 spectra of an A0 star Phad. Marked line is Hydrogen beta.

Exposure is 1.5 seconds Using the RC astrograph and Trius H694 with SA200 in the filter wheel.


Just about to start a new project and my camera has a problem!

Cosmic ray strike on my camera chip!!:

Ok just had a message from Starlight Xpress about this: It is an increase in dark current caused by a high energy particle striking the chip and causing a small flaw in the crystal structure. Clearly not a lot you can do about this. (maybe wrap the camera […]

Horsehead Nebular – Last night 150 sec X 3 per colour

Part of the Veil Nebula – Moon 75%!

Veil nebula is a cloud of dust and ionised gas (Sulphur Oxygen and Hydrogen) in the constellation of Cygnus. It contains a radio source and is about 1470 light years away.

Veil Nebula

New software AA6 and Observation Manager script has improved accuracy.

The original data (images) have been re-scanned using new script.

UX UMA variable star. 14/8/2017

M51- Good seeing and good target

My image of M51 in colour came out really well:

M51 Colour

Star trails looking for Meteor shower?


This is a 2 hour exposure with the star trails but no meteors??

11th August 2016 10:30 to 12:30

North East at 45deg

First images from the new observatory- Full Moon -some thin cloud.

M51 Galaxy

M51 Monochrome

Monochrome Veil Nebula.

Veil Nebula.


Next step is to get focus automated. Just need script..