About Astrojohn

I am a science geek! Interests Astronomy, Skiing, Philosophy, basically any form of technology including writing automation software for my observatory. I will also share this with others using the same EQMOD/Astroart tool set.


These are some links to useful and interesting sites:

Useful Outreach Resources for beginners:

Getting started in astronomy on a budget

Claire Meyer – Gifted Geeks site for Kids!

Jenny Hobby Help – Astronomy

All the space junk http://www.stuffin.space/

List of my Atroart6 Youtube Videos:

My Youtube Channel for ObservationManager.

Intro to AA6 ObservationManagerV9.12 -Observatory Automation Suite.

List of other interesting or useful links:

Meade Telescopes
William Optics
Orion Telescopes and Binoculars
Starlight Xpress Cameras – Great team producing great cameras!

Wide Screen Centre
Ian King Imaging
Telescope House
Rother Valley Optics
Altair Astro

Tested Freeware software tools:

All Sky Plate Solver.